Dessert Snacks ! yummi ....

Today I made something delicious ! "rafaello" ;) I used 2 eggs, butter, coconut shreds, sugar powder, and cookies ... I mixed it all and cut it into small pieces .. I put it in the fridge for 1 hour and now it's ready to it ! It tastes very good but (sadly) it's too much calories :(

My wish list :
1. Wardobe like this :

Have a nice day ! :)


hello ! My first post ;)

It's mi first note on blogspot so I'd like to welcome everyone who will visit my blog ;)

today I'm so tired... so I'm not going out, maybe I'll visit my brother in the evening.. will see ;)
How r u feeling today?

What do u think about this dress?
I really would like to wear dress like this one, on my senior prom .